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CD Ordering Information

There are four easy ways to purchase Harry Miller CDs.


Harry Miller CDs are available at many online retailers. Click the links below to purchase your copy today!

Jazz Beauty Supply CD cover

Jazz Beauty Supply

Jazz Beauty Supply CD cover

Jazz Beauty Supply

Live at the Museum CD cover

Live at the Museum

Paradox Fossils CD cover

Paradox Fossils

Toll Free Telephone

Call CDBaby.com (in the USA) 800 448-6369 during regular business hours—9 a.m. to 6 p.m. west coast time—to order CDs with your credit card.

Mail Order Direct From Inner Ear

  • Jazz Beauty Supply CD – $15.00 USD
  • Live at the Museum CD – $12.00 USD
  • Paradox Fossils CD – $8.00 USD

Special mail order only package price: all three CDs for $30.00 total

Due to privacy issues, the Inner Ear Records mail order address will now be given out by request only. Please phone (212 736-6361) or email for instructions and information regarding what address to send your order to. Thank You.

Please make checks payable to Harry Miller. We will send out your CDs as soon as we receive your check.

There are no additional shipping charges for orders placed using the Inner Ear direct mail order method. Mail order CDs can be autographed by Harry Miller if so requested.

Retail Stores

Harry Miller's Jazz Beauty Supply CD is being carried by Klompfoot.com, which is a well known distributor of independent jazz releases. Major retail chains can order the CD for their store directly from Klompfoot. You can speak with a retail store's jazz buyer and request that they order the CD from Klompfoot.

Sales Department
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Telephone: 315 287-2852
email: orders@cadencebuilding.com

Thanks for your support. Happy Listening!